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    IFNTUOG is committed to achieving the excellence in education and research. With our university structure and high quality teaching departments, we place great emphasis on the student experience.The university carries an international reputation for quality within Higher Education in the sphere of oil and gas. Making the right choice for your studies and selecting a quality institution are essential steps whatever your personal aspirations are when you graduate.

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  • The Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas (IFNTUOG), established in 1967, is the market leader in providing high-level technical and nontechnical training services to Ukraine’s energy sector – a major driver of Ukrainian economy . Recognizing its special obligations to the oil and gas industry, IFNTUOG offers a unique blend of teaching, training and industrially focused expertise. All the available indicators of research quality and academic standing place IFNTUOG in the highest echelon of Ukrainian technical universities.

    Ivano Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas
  • IFNTUOG’s academic experience is firmly rooted in 15 schools comprising 54 departments that provide a wide selection of comprehensive programs at the baccalaureate (28), specialist (30), master (23) and doctoral levels (22). 11, 000 students from Ukraine and 37 countries can explore academic disciplines from drilling and reservoir engineering to management and translation.
    IFNUOG’s In-Service Institute offers lifelong professional development and certification programs to meet the demands of managerial staff and specialists in different branches.
    The University has long-established relations with the government, senior industry executives, and leading players in the national oil, gas, and power sectors.

  • IFNTUOG’s primary objective is to become a sustainable, effective and efficient school that will promote lifelong learning and embed internationalism into its activities.
    International contacts of the University are extensive. Their geography includes USA, Canada, Hungary, Russia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Finland, Norway, Greece, Jordan, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Turkey.
    The University participates in various international programs. Among the most recent projects are:
    E-Internationalization for collaborative learning (TEMPUS; January 2010 – January 2013)
    Innovation cross-university network for development of partnership with enterprises (Ukraine–Sweden (Royal Institute of Technology); February 2010 – January 2013);

  • Management of the contaminated sites with oil products (Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine; 2007-2013);
    Quality Assurance for Society–oriented Education, Research and Development (Ukraine-Slovakia; February 2011 – January 2013);
    Strengthening of local governments in the Transcarpathian Region (Ukraine) in respect of modern municipal management services and energy efficiency through a comprehensive utilisation of geothermal energy (Poland-Ukraine);
    Civics Education Development (Peace Corps, USA; June 2012 – October 2012);
    Unconventional gas – symposium funded by the USA (November 2012).

  • Preparatory course

    Preparatory course is an educational program with duration of 6-10 months,It helps students learn rus/ukr so they can have there studies in rus/ukr,studying in rus/ukr is cheaper than studying in English
    At Preparatory course students study Rus/Ukr language and the special disciplines required depending on the future specialty chosen ( Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Geography, History, and Literature)The Faculty consists of two departments:Department of language training teaches students in Ukr/Rus

    Department of sciences ensures the pre-University training in such disciplines as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, etc.
    On successful passing the examination of Preparatory course, the student receives the Certificate  to study  in Russian/ Ukrainian Medium ,Duration: 6-10 months
    Medium of instruction : Russian/ Ukrainian

  • Bachelor (B) programmes

    Bachelor (B) programmes
    Oil and Gas Engineering (B)
    Mining Engineering (B)
    Welding (B)
    Geology (B)
    Ecology and Environmental Protection (B)
    Geodesy, Mapping and Land Management (B)
    Electrical Engineering (B)
    Metrology and Measuring Technology (B)
    Toolmaking (B)
    Engineering Mechanics (B)
    Automotive Engineering (B)
    Computer Engineering (B)
    Software Engineering (B)
    Systems Engineering (B)
    Automation and Computer Technology (B)
    Tourism (B)
    Architectural Engineering (B)
    Business Economics (B)
    Finance and Credit (B).
    Accounting and Auditing (B).
    Management (B)
    Records Information Management (B)
    Philology (B)

  • Fields of Education/Specialties

    Fields of Education/Specialties
    Specialist (S), Master’s (M) programmes

    1. Oil and Gas Engineering (B):
    Oil and Gas Production Engineering (S,M);
    Oil and Gas Pipelines and Storage Facilities (S,M);
    Equipment for Oil and Gas Industries (S,M).
    2. Mining Engineering (B):
    Well Drilling Engineering (S,M).
    3. Welding (B):
    Welding Technology (S,M);
    Wear-Resistance and Restoration Technology (S,M).
    4. Geology (B):
    Oil and Gas Geology (S,M);
    Geophysics (S,M).
    5. Ecology and Environmental Protection (B):
    Ecology and Environmental Protection (S,M).

  • Faculties/ Institutes

    Faculties/ Institutes
    Institute of Fundamental Sciences, Liberal Arts and Distance Learning
    Institute of Environmental Engineering
    Institute of Mechanical Engineering
    Institute of Petroleum Economics and Management
    Institute for In-Service Training
    Institute for Research in Petroleum Power and Environmental Engineering
    Faculty of Geological Engineering
    Faculty of Petroleum Engineering
    Faculty of Pipeline Engineering
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Metering Technologies
    Faculty of Information Technologies
    Faculty of Tourism Facilities Architecture
    Faculty of Scientific Technical Translation, Interpreting and Records Information Management
    Military Training Department

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  • Accommodation Facilities

    Accommodation Facilities
    If there are free beds in the student hostel, the students are provided with them.
    Price – $400 per year
    Other options for accommodation is apartments which cost about $150 to $300

  • Temporary residence

    To obtain a Permit for temporary residence, within three days after arriving in Ukraine a foreign citizen shall submit their documents to Passport and Visa Division of the Centre for International Student Education Services:

  • Medical Services

    If necessary, students may examine their health with the help of ultrasonic diagnosis, electrocardiography and get consultations of specialized doctors (otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, neurologist, surgeon, gynecologist and cardiologist.

  • Social Services

    It is a condition of registration for students that they cooperate with the University with respect to health and safety. All students have the right not to proceed with any activity if they feel it poses a danger to their health

  • Academic Time Table

    The academic year at IFNTUOG is divided into two teaching semesters.
    Students are required to remain at the University until assessments for all their courses have been completed and should not make any arrangements for leaving the University before they know the dates of their examinations. The exam timetable is published towards the end of the Autumn/Spring semester.

  • Holidays in Ukraine

    There are ten public holidays in Ukraine when offices, banks, and many shops are closed and public transport is more limited. When a public holiday falls on a weekend (e.g. Sunday), the following working day (e.g. Monday) turns into an official day off too.

  • Holidays in Ukraine

    • 1 January 2014 – New Year’s Day
    • 7 January 2014 – Christmas
    • 8 March 2014 – International Women’s Day
    • 20 April 2014 – Easter
    • 1 May 2014 – Labour Day
    • 2 May 2014 – Labour Day
    • 9 May 2014 – Victory Day
    • 8 June 2014 – Whit Sunday
    • 28 June 2014 – Constitution Day
    • 24 August 2014 – Independence Day
  • In order to get admission to study in the Ukraine you must apply for an “Invitation Letter”. You can apply Online or download and fill in the form and include the following details:
    • Full Name
    • Desired course
    • Desired university
    • Nationality
    • Date of Birth
    • Passport No
    • Permanent address
    • Telephone contact no
    • Email address
    • A high quality scanned copy of your passport
    • Educational Documents available ( Certificate of O level/A level /SSCE/ HSSCE/Bachelor/Master’s )
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