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About Preparatory Course

About Preparatory Course

The Preparatory Course for International Students is a structural part of the International Office at the Universities. It offers services to prospective students – foreign citizens, who plan to receive higher education in Ukraine Universities. The Course was licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in 2001, and in 2006 the second license procedure confirmed the high level of foreign citizens training.

At the Preparatory Course students are offered 1-year (7-10 months) language training for further education in Ukrainian universities. It provides information on a wide range of topics, including immigration issues (work permits, travel), financial questions, social and cultural differences, and resources at Universities  and in the community in Ukraine

The specialization acquired by the graduates of the preparatory courses is  Engineering,Mathematics, History, Geography, Economics, Computer Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Drawing, Biology and Physical Training (optional). The instructions are held in Russian and Ukrainian.

Moreover the Preparatory Course offers additional mandatory services – medical insurance and visa support.

During the period of studying at the Course foreign citizens are provided with accommodation in  in the University dormitory situated within ten minutes walk from the University. The security system, counselling services and make the living conditions at the dormitory safe and comfortable.

The Preparatory Course for International Students offers high level training for a successful admission to any Ukrainian higher educational institution. Graduates of the program are competent in the basic disciplines required for admission to Ukrainian university and have a profound knowledge of Ukrainian and Russian languages that enables them to apply to higher educational institutions.

While the preparatory course the students are to receive:
     – The most necessary skills in reading, listening, writing and speaking in local language;
     – Full access to all facilities including libraries, accommodation, and computerized lecture halls.
The teachers of the Preparatory course are competent, cultured, and open-minded people, qualified professionals. They have broad experience in teaching foreign students. Curriculum of Preparatory course curriculum is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
Benefits of Preparatory courses:
1 – The embassies of Ukraine could overcrowded from 15th August to 15th November and it is quite long and difficult process to get visa confirmed. In the same time process for Preparatory visa starts after 15th November, so the student can easily get visa in order to join the preparatory course.
3 – Academic year for the 1st year starts in September, and students who applying for the 1st year, generally arrive later and they miss around 2 months of classes. Moreover it’s rather difficult to clear all the classes and catch the others.
4 – Student may easier adopt while studying in preparatory course, so that he start the 1st year exactly from the 1st of September without missing any classes.
5 – In some countries students finish their school late and are not eligible to get admission to the 1st year. It’s a good way to come for Preparatory course, whereas visa is 100% assured.
6 – Tuition fee for Preparatory course are rather low and affordable.
7 – After completing Preparatory course students are guaranteed to be admitted to the 1st year or senior courses if transferring.
8 – Preparatory courses admission is open till the 1st of December and even till March.


• Full Name
• Desired course
• Nationality
• Date of Birth
• Permanent address
• Telephone contact no
• Email address
• Copy of International passport (Data page)
• Copy of secondary leaving certificate ( Certificate of O level/A level /SSCE/ HSSCE/ WAEC/ NECO/Bachelor/Master’s )
Send all to our ✉

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Fascinating Facts About Ukraine

1. The world’s oldest recognized constitution was created by a Ukrainian statesman, Pylyp Orlyk. The constitution was formed immediately after his election as Hetman of Zaporizhia troops in April 1710 – 77 years earlier than the enactment of the constitution of the United States.

2. In 1934, a linguistic competition held in Paris hailed the Ukrainian language as one of the world’s three most beautiful languages. (The other two were French and Persian.),its said ukrainian is the most beautiful language

3. With its depth of 105 meters, the Arsenal’na subway station in the city of Kiev is considered as the deepest subway station in the world.

4. One of the world’s heaviest silver coins is found in Ukraine. The coin named “10 years of hryvnia revival” was first produced in 2006 and weighs exactly one kilogram.(1000 grams)

5. The traditional school uniform of female Ukrainian students – a cotton knee-length black dress layered with a white apron-like piece and waistband tie – very closely resembles the “French maid” costumes we sometimes see in costume parties.

6. One of the most famous features of the Kyiv Museum of Miniatures is a life-sized flea wearing golden shoes. This gold flea was created by prominent Ukrainian craftsman Mykola Syadrysty.

7. Ukrainian breads, often served with mayonnaise, are part of every meal of the day

8. Card playing is strictly prohibited for Christians in Ukraine.

9. One of Russia’s greatest novelists, Mikhail Bulgakov, called Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, the most beautiful city in the world.

10. The small Ukrainian town of Rahiv is, in fact, the geographic center of Europe.

11.With its depth of 105 meters, the Arsenal’na subway station in the city of Kiev is considered as the deepest subway station in the world.

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12.The name “Ukraine” is derived from the word “krai” which means border.



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