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study in ukraine for nigerians

Study in Ukraine for Nigerian Students

Study in Ukraine for Nigerian Students

  • Nigerians represent one of the numerous groups of all foreign students studying in Ukraine. currently, more than 1500 Nigerian students are studying in Ukraine. All these students have chosen Ukraine not by coincidence.but the fact, there are a few weighty reasons behind this choice.
    When it comes to studying abroad, Ukraine is one of the most affordable and at once qualitative options. Indeed, studying and living in Ukraine is a lot cheaper than in other European countries like Usa,Uk & many others . However, low tuition fee does not mean low quality of education. On the contrary, Ukrainian principles and standards of education are very high and are highly prized by the European academia.

Top Universities in Ukraine for Students from Nigeria

Today, virtually all universities of Ukraine, (more than 50, if to be precise) are open for Nigerian and other international students. They have a government-approved accreditation for teaching foreign students and all modern facilities (including computerised libraries, fully-equipped lecture halls and laboratories, sport grounds, gyms, etc.) necessary for a comprehensive education. Moreover, most universities have English medium and give classes of Ukrainian language.

Higher educational institutions of Ukraine offer a full range of graduate, undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a variety of majors. Statistics shows that a great majority of Nigerian students choose Medical, Aviation, Economic and Technical or Engineering Universities. The most in-demand of which are Ternopil technical university,Ternopil Economics University, National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, Lviv medical University, Odesa National Illia Mechnikov University, National University “Lviv Polytechnic” and Ternopil Medical University that was recently recognized as the best Medical University for foreign students.

Costs of living in Ukraine

Nigerian students have two options when it comes to accommodation: settle in a dormitory or hostel located in a close proximity to the university, or rent an apartment. Depending on the type of housing you choose, rental expenses range from 500 to 1300 dollars per year(1 dollar = approx.₦199). Living in a rental apartment has a number of benefits which you can have for an affordable price that you can share with other local or international students. Ukrainians are very friendly and hospitable, so such neighbourship will hardly cause any discomfort.

Educations costs in Ukraine

As already mentioned, tuition fee is one of the lowest in Europe. On the average, a yearly education costs from 2.000 dollars.((1 dollar = approx.₦199) This amount can change depending on the university and course you choose.

‣Preparatory course
‣English Language
‣Information Technology (BSc. & MSc.)
‣Electrical Engineering & Electronics
‣Civil, Construction or Architecture Engineering
‣Mining Engineeing
‣Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management
‣International Relationships
‣Economics (BSc. & MSc.)
‣Business Administration (BA & MBA)
‣Hotel and Tourism Management (BA & MA)
‣Accounting and Audits
‣Mechanical Engineering (BSc. & MSc.)
‣Computer Systems and Networks (BSc & MSc.)
‣Aeronautical/ Aviation/ Aerospace Engineering Studies
‣Private & Commercial Pilot
‣Oil and Gas/ Petroleum Engineering
‣Computer Engineering (BSc. & MSc.)
‣Computer Science (BSc. & MSc.)
‣Biomedical Engineering
‣Dentistry/ Stomatology (BDS)
‣Pharmacy (B Pharmacy)
‣General Medicine (MBBS, MD), Pediatrics
‣PG and PhD Study
‣PG Medicine Specialization & Etc


 Programs in English language  Duration  FEES($) PER YEAR  APPROX FEES(₦) PER YEAR
 Medicine  6 years  $4100  ₦816,105
 Dentistry  5 Years  $4400  ₦875,820
 Nursing  4 years  $3750  ₦746,437
 Pharmacy  5 years  $3800  ₦756,390
 Civil Engineering  4 years  $2400  ₦477,720
 Mechanical engineering  4 years  $2400  ₦477,720
 Electrical Engineering  4 years  $2400  ₦477,720
 Computer engineering  4 years  $2400  ₦477,720
 Petroleum Engineering  4 years  $2000  ₦398,100
 Aviation  4 years  $3300  ₦656,865
 Management  4 years  $2150  ₦427,957
 International economics  4 years  $2400  ₦477,720
 computer science  4 years  $2400  ₦477,720
 Business administration  4 years  $2400  ₦477,720
 Preparatory course  6 months  $1300  ₦258,765


 Invitation(One time payment)  $100  ₦19,905
 Airport pickup(One time payment)  $100  ₦19,905
 service charges(One time payment)  $875  ₦174,168
 Immigration (Every year)  $200  ₦39,810
 Medical insurance(Every year)  $100  ₦19,905
 Registration(Every year)  $100  ₦19,905
 Hostels(Every year)  $500  ₦99,525

Our services are:
-Prompt replies to our students through E mail or phone
-Assistance in selecting best University for a certain programme
-Assistance in choosing appropriate Bachelor/ Master programme/ PG programs
-Invitation letter from a certain/recommended University
-Assistance in Tuition fee payments to the University
-Assistance in purchasing Cheaper Air tickets for current and future students
-VISA support/ Confirmation from the Department of Higher Education in Ukraine ( through Ministry of Education and ministry of Foreign Affairs).
-Airport pick up with University and’ representative holding Official permission and Identity to avoid any unpleasant circumstances for student.
-Airport pick up from all International airports in Ukraine (Kiev -Borispol, Odessa , Simferopol , Donetsk )
Transport to the University
-Assistance in Immigration Clearance on Arrival
-Accommodation arrangement in hostel
-Assistance in Health Insurance
-Assistance in Medical check ups on Arrival
-Assistance in Registration with University and Department of Visa and Registration (OVIR)
-Student ID card, hostel card, International student card ( free of cost )
-Bank Account in Ukraine
-Support to our students during whole period



In order to get admission to study in the Ukraine you must apply for an Invitation Letter. Send the follwoing to our
1• Full Name________________
2• course________________
3• Nationality________________
4• Date of Birth________________
5• Passport No________________
6• Permanent address________________
7• Telephone contact no________________
8• Email address________________
9• A high quality scanned copy of your passport
Send all documents to our



After reviewing your application, a student will be required to MAKE PAYMENT($100) for the Invitation,Delivery & Visa Support/Confirmation

Invitation Letter Payment to study in ukraine can be paid through Western Union or Money Gram or Bank Transfer

The tuition fee and miscellaneous expenses are paid on arrival in ukraine ukaine except $100 for Invitation,Delivery & Visa Support/Confirmation which must be paid before.

Invitation letters are issued strictly upon upfront payment.After making the payment of the invitation letter,send us on mail (✉ the receipt of payment,address and full names of the person going to receive the invitation letter, and phone number

step 3

Upon receiving an invitation letter, the student will contact the Ukraine embassy in his / her country in order to
apply for the student visa.
The following documents should be submitted to the Ukrainian embassy as part of the visa application process:
• A filled visa application form
• International passport valid for one year or more
• Original invitation letter from the college
• Birth certificate – Translated into Ukrainian.
• Note: The translation is done at the Ukrainian embassy at a small cost (usually between $60-$85). or we can do in ukraine and sent along with your invitation
• Original School Certificates – Translated into Ukrainian.
• Medical Certificate-Issued within one month of visa application and is translated into Ukrainian. This must
be an approved document by the health ministry in your country.
• HIV-AIDS negative certificate- Issued within one month of visa application and translated into Ukrainian.
This must also be an approved document by the health ministry in your country.
• One year health insurance-For some countries the insurance required is only for the traveling period.
• A bank statement from the sponsor to prove their financial ability to bear the student’s expenses in Ukraine.
If the sponsor is not the student or their parent, a sponsorship letter is going to be required.
• 12 passport size pictures (3 * 4 cm)
• An open return air ticket valid for one year
After getting the visa e-mail us the scanned copy of the documents in the list above.
NB: Ensure you have all the required documents before leaving your country. Entry into Ukraine will be denied if
you’re missing an important document.
We’ll assist you with the airport pickup and transfers from the international airports in Ukraine You must inform us before or after booking the ticket so that we can arrange for the pickup,hence Kindly email your ticket copy a week prior to your arrival

The Consular Section of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Nigeria
Chief: Mr. Mykola Samosvatov
Chargé d’affaires
Phone: +234 92917467
Schedule: Monday – FridayFrom 09:00 to 16:00From 12:00 to 13:00 Lunch Break

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