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Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics

Computer Sciences (СS)

  • Information Control Systems and Technologies (ICST)
  • Information Engineering Technologies (IET)
  • Systems of Artificial Intelligence (SAI)
  • Systems Design (SD)

Software Engineering (SE)

  • Software Engineering (SE)
  • Software Engineering (SE)

Publishing and Polygraph Business (PPB)

  • Printed Edition Technology (PET)
  • Computer-Aided Technologies and Systems for Publishing and Printing (CATSPP)
  • Printed Edition Technology (PET)
  • Computer-Aided Technologies and Systems for Publishing and Printing (CATSPP)

Computer Engineering

  • Computer Systems and Networks (CSN)
  • System Programming (SP)
  • Specialized Computer Systems (SCS)

Computer-Aided Systems, Automation and Control

  • Systems of Control and Automation (SCA)
  • Flexible Computerized Systems and Robotics (FCSR)

Information Security

  • Limited Access Information Security and Automation of its Processing (LAIS)
  • Information Security in Computer Systems and Networks (ISCSN)

Applied Mathematics

  • Informatics (Inf)
  • Applied mathematics (AM)
  • System Analysis and Management (SAM)
  • Social Informatics (SI)

Economics and Enterprising

  • Economical Cybernetics (EC)

Radio Engineering

  • Radio Engineering (RE)
  • Radio Electronic Devices, Systems and Complexes (REDSC)
  • Radio Communication, Radio and Television Broadcasting Equipment (RTE)

Information Security

  • Security System against Unauthorized Access (ISRE)


  • Managment of information safety
  • Metrology and information-measuring technology
  • Metrology, standartization and certification

Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies

  • Automated process control
  • Specialization Automation of Information and Communication Tools
  • Computer-integrated manufacturing processes and production
  • Specialization Automation of Business Processes and Banking

Radio Electronic Devices

  • Radio Electronic Devices and Features
  • SpecializationIntelligent radio-electronic devices and equipment
  • Automated electronic systems industries
  • Specialization:Electronic devices and automated banking systems
  • Intelligent Microsystem technology electronic equipment
  • Specialization:Intelligent Radio-banking system


  • Micro and Nanoelectronic (MN)
  • Electronic Devices and Systems (EDS)
  • Biomedical engineering (BME)

Laser and Optoelectronic Engineering

  • Optotechnique (OT)


  • Micro and Nanoelectronic (MN)
  • Electronic Devices and Systems (EDS)

Information and measuring  technologies , Metrology and  Measuring Engineering

  • Optotechnique (OT)

Training of students in English is conducted on the following specialties:

Bachelor’s Degree Programmes

  1. Computer Engineering
  2. Economical Cybernetic
  3. Biomedical Engineering
  4. Information Security
  5. Telecommunications

Master’s Degree Programmes

  1. Computer Systems and Networks
  2. Economics Cybernetics
  3. System Programming
  4. Telecommunication Systems and Networks

TUITION 2014-2015

1Preparatory dpt (engineering, economics)1500
2Preparatory dpt (medical,humanitarian)1600
3Bachelor’s degree (Russian language)2300
4Bachelor’s degree –Economical cybernetics(Russian language)2000
5Bachelor’s degree (English language)2500
6Master’s degree (Russian language)2500
7Master’s degree Economical cybernetics (Russian language)2200
8Master’s degree (English  language)2800
9Postgraduate course (Russian language)3000
10Postgraduate course tuition by correspondence (Russian language)2500
11Postgraduate course (English language)4000
12Postgraduate course tuition by correspondence (English language)3550
13Bachelor’s degree (tuition by correspondence)1400
14Master’s degree (tuition by correspondence)1500
15Postgraduate education2400

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