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Reasons to Study Law In ukraine

Students considering a degree in this area shouldn’t need much convincing, but in case they do the Complete University Guide is here to lend its expertise with the top reasons to study a Law degree In Ukraine

Very affordable

Very affordable and recognized world wide,fees to study law in ukraine ranges from 2200-2500usd per year,hostels cost from 500-600usd per year thus making ukraine the cheapest country in Europe to study Law

Law degrees combine theory with practice

Behind the law of the land lies an awful lot of theory and there’s no doubt that students will have to rigorously learn it, but remember law is a fairly defined profession and its tuition has to also be vocational in nature. Some unis go so far as having a mock courtroom, and running moot competitions and pro bono societies, giving students a real taster of what it’s like to practice law.

Law and case-based learning goes hand in hand

Even when learning the theory law students will spend a lot of time trawling through cases. Law schools use real-life examples to demonstrate how the theory is applied. Students are left in no doubt as to whether the content they’re learning will have real-life application.

Studying law equips students with a variety of skills

Learning to become a lawyer rather neatly means you’ll graduate university equipped with the skills for a whole host of professional paths. Here’s a few of those skills:
Research – through analysis of case studies.
Critical analysis – students read primary sources and make up their own mind.
Synthesis of complex ideas – law students will have to get to grips with a whole new language but they’ll also need to be able to communicate in layman’s terms.
Presentation – student’s often partake in mooting competitions and pro bono societies, offering legal advice to real people.
Writing – you’ll have to communicate all of the above – on paper!
These skills are highly transferable to a number of other industries and sectors, commercial or otherwise.

Law graduates are well respected by employers

The variety of skills provided by a law degree puts these type of graduates at the forefront of employer’s minds. Add to this the fact that law is one of the world’s oldest fields of study, professions, human endeavour – you get the picture – and it’s no surprise to see that graduates enjoy such good career prospects.

Law students from Ukraine can look forward to good graduate prospects

students of law stand a decent chance of being in further study or professional-level employment within 6 months of leaving university

Clear postgraduate options

Those who leave their undergraduate studies with hearts set on a career in law have a number of clearly defined options for the next step:
LLM – some students may wish to develop their learning via a Master of Laws degree.
Legal Practice Course (LPC) – for solicitors.
Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) – for solicitors.

Law cohorts are internationally diverse

The quality of education at the Ukraine law University means that a significant portion of students are attracted from overseas, in fact there’s over 5,000 of them. A diverse cohort will not only expose you to people of different cultures but provide you with an international network of contacts whom may prove influential later in life.


Law is one of the world’s traditional professions, pursue it and be prepared for a life of comfortable respectability.


In order to get admission to study law in the Ukraine you must apply for an Invitation Letter,to apply for an invitation Law in Ukraine we need the following:
-Copy of International passport(Data page)
-Copy of School leaving certificate ( For example.Certificate of O level/A level /SSCE/ HSSCE/ WAEC/ NECO/GCE/KSCE*
Send all documents to our **
Application format:
1• Full Name________________
2• course________________
3• Nationality________________
4• Date of Birth________________
5• Permanent address________________
6• Telephone contact no________________
7• Email address________________
8• A high quality scanned copy of your passport
10• Send all documents to our
After reviewing your application, a student will be required to MAKE PAYMENT for the Invitation,Delivery & Visa Support/Confirmation,Invitation Letter Payment to study in ukraine can be paid through Western Union or Money Gram or Bank Transfer
The tuition fee and miscellaneous expenses to study law in ukraine are paid on arrival in ukaine except for Invitation,Delivery & Visa Support/Confirmation which must be paid before
Upon receiving an invitation letter, the student will contact the Ukraine embassy in his / her country in order to apply for the student visa.
The following documents should be submitted to the Ukrainian embassy as part of the visa application process:
• A filled visa application form
• International passport valid for one year or more
• Original invitation letter from the college
• Birth certificate
• Original School Certificates
• Medical Certificate
• HIV-AIDS negative certificate
• One year health insurance
• A bank statement from the sponsor to prove their financial ability to bear the student’s expenses in Ukraine.
If the sponsor is not the student or their parent, a sponsorship letter is going to be required.
• 12 passport size pictures (3 * 4 cm)
• air ticket Reservation
After getting the visa e-mail us the scanned copy of the visa and air ticket


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