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In order to get admission to study in the Ukraine you must apply for an Invitation Letter. You can apply online or download and fill in the form and include the following details:
• Full Name
• Desired course
• Desired university-We’ll help you choose the most suitable university for you.
• Nationality
• Date of Birth
• Passport No
• Permanent address
• Telephone contact no
• Email address
• A high quality scanned copy of your passport
• Educational documents available ( Certificate of O level/A level /SSCE/ HSSCE/Bachelor/Master’s )
Send all documents to our email:
social/phone +380633534065
social/whatsapp +380633534065
social/skype studyinukrainetoday

  • Upon receiving an invitation letter, the student will contact the Ukraine embassy in his / her country in order to
    apply for the student visa.
    Note: Most Ukrainian embassies usually accept student visa applications and issue student visas throughout
    the year. In some countries the embassy starts accepting visa applications and issues visas between 15th July
    and 15th November. Extensions in these cases are made for the preparatory course until November or
    The following documents should be submitted to the Ukrainian embassy as part of the visa application process:
  • • A filled visa application form
    • International passport valid for one year or more
    • Original invitation letter from the college
    • Birth certificate – Translated into Ukrainian.
    • Note: The translation is done at the Ukrainian embassy at a small cost (usually between $60-$85).
    • Original School Certificates – Translated into Ukrainian.
    • Medical Certificate-Issued within one month of visa application and is translated into Ukrainian. This must
    be an approved document by the health ministry in your country.
    • HIV-AIDS negative certificate- Issued within one month of visa application and translated into Ukrainian.
    This must also be an approved document by the health ministry in your country.
    • One year health insurance-For some countries the insurance required is only for the traveling period.
  • • A bank statement from the sponsor to prove their financial ability to bear the student’s expenses in Ukraine.
    If the sponsor is not the student or their parent, a sponsorship letter is going to be required.
    • 12 passport size pictures (3 * 4 cm)
    • An open return air ticket valid for one year
    After getting the visa e-mail us the scanned copy of the documents in the list above.
    NB: Ensure you have all the required documents before leaving your country. Entry into Ukraine will be denied if
    you’re missing an important document.
    We’ll assist you with the airport pickup and transfers from the international airports in Ukraine i.e. Borispol
    International Airport or Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport. You must inform us before or after booking the ticket so that we can arrange for the pickup,hence Kindly email your  ticket copy  a week prior to your arrival
social/phone +380633534065
social/whatsapp +380633534065
social/skype studyinukrainetoday

lowest tuition universities in ukraine

List of Degree Courses Taught In Ukrainian Language
Management,Economics,Marketing $1800
Ecology; Environment Protection and Balanced Nature Management $1800
Computer Sciences $1800
Computer Engineering $1800
Software Engineering $1800
System Engineering $1800
Machine Engineering $1800
Metal-Cutting Technologies $1800
Heat Power Engineering $1800
Electroengineering and Electrotechnologies $1800
Electromechanics $1800
Micro- and Nano-electronic $1800
Electronic Devices and Units $1800
Radio Engineering $1800
Radio Electronic Units $1800
Telecommunication $1800
Metrology and Information-Measuring Technologies $1800
Optoengineering $1800
Civil Engineering $1800
Automobile Transport $1800
Information and Communication System Safety $1800
Control of Information Safety $1800
preparatory course $1800
Correspondence training $1800
Bachelor medicine program $2500
Specialist medicine program $3000
master medicine program $3300
Law $1633
Tourism $1633
Water Management and Nature Resources Use $1633
Agroecology and Landmanagement $1633
Civil, Construction or Architecture Engineering $1633
Fulltime students are trained in Ukrainian while correspondence training is provided in Ukrainian or Russian. The preparatory course is intended for adaptation and mastering Ukrainian for a year.
1. To obtain the invitation for studies a foreign citizen shall fax or e–mail the
following papers:
1.1. legal documents for education with a qualification record which contains
the subjects studied and marks obtained;
1.2. photocopy of passport which contains name, photo, date of birth,
residence address, passport No, date of issue and expiry.
After considering education papers we’ll can forward student’s invitation to
foreign citizen’s address which shall be submitted by a bearer to Ukraine’s
Embassy in his/her home country.
2. For getting a visa in Ukraine’s Embassy it is necessary to submit the
following papers:
2.1. legal document for education with subjects studied within 2-3 years,
marks obtained and the number of hours which shall be certified by
Ministry of Education as well as Ministry of Foreign Affairs and
Ukraine’s Embassy in the home country;
2.2. medical certificate testifying the absence of HIV–AIDS–infection;
2.3. certificate of general medical examination authorized by official
medical institution of citizen’s country and dated not earlier than two
months before coming to Ukraine;
2.4. birth certificate;
2.5. invitation for studies
3. On crossing Ukraine’s border a foreign citizen shall produce the
3.1. papers mentioned above from 2.1. through 2.5., the medical certificate
being issued not earlier than two months before coming to Ukraine;
3.2. certificate of Ministry of Education mentioned in 2.1, 2.3, 2.4 shall be
legalized and translated into Ukrainian (Russian) in Ukraine’s
3.3. passport with the open visa which allows to enter Ukraine for studies;
3.4. return ticket with the date of coming back to home country valid within
one year;
3.5. 10 photos (size 3×4 cm);
3.6. certificate testifying $2500 cash available;
4. A foreign citizen should inform us about the date and time
of arrival as well as flight number before 7 days to be met by our representative
at the Boryspil Airport.
Studies start on September, 1. Therefore it is desirable for a foreign
citizen to arrive in a week before. The deadline of coming to Ukraine for
studies is November, 15(but can be extended).
Foreign students are provided with a dormitory. The average monthly rent for
residence is about $ 30 per month.
B.S. degree is 4 years;
M.S. degree is 1,5 years;
Ph.D course takes 3 years. The tuition fee for Engineering & Social Ph.D course is $2500 per
each year of studies.
Bachelor medicine program $2500
Specialist medicine program $3000
master medicine program $3300
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