National Agricultural University

National Agricultural University is a leading institution of higher education in Ukraine. The history of it begins with the date of foundation of the Department of Agriculture within the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI) structure, which transformed into the Faculty of Agricultural faculty in 1918. Kyiv Agricultural Institute was created in KPI on the basis of this faculty, and in 1923 this Institute became the independent educational institution. From 1930 till 1934, Kyiv Institute of Agronomy, Kyiv Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture, Kyiv Ag Engineering Institute of Sugar Industry and Ag Economics Institute had been formed and begun their activity there. These institutes were later reorganized into independent research institutes and faculties.
Kyiv Forestry Institute began its history in 1840 from the Faculty of Forestry of the Institute of Agriculture and Forestry in the city of Marimont (Poland) which moved to the city Novoaleksandria (now Pulavy) in 1862.


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University Mission. The mission of the University is to create, systemize, keep and disseminate modern scientific knowledge in order to improve the quality of human life; to train competitive specialists with high intellectual and personal qualities.
According to the status of higher educational establishments, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine has the IV level of accreditation and is a research institution, which conducts educational, research, scientific-innovative, educational-industrial and consultancy activities aimed at the study of contemporary issues of life and environmental sciences, use, reproduction and sustainable development of biological resources of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, introduction of new environmental agri- and biotechnologies, technologies of recreation of soil safety and fertility, energy-efficient agricultural technologies, environmental and legal management in rural areas, monitoring and control of standards compliance, quality and safety of agricultural products, processed products and the environment.

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine is one of the leading institutions of education, science and culture in Ukraine.

More than 40 thousand students and over 600 graduate students, doctoral students and applicants study at 19 faculties of the basic institution of the University (Kyiv), the Southern Affiliate of NULES of Ukraine “Crimean Agrotechnological University” and 14 separated subdivisions of NULES of Ukraine — regional higher educational institutions of III accreditation level.
Educational process and research at NULES of Ukraine is conducted by more than 3000 scientific-pedagogical and educational workers, including approximately 300 professors and doctors of sciences, and more than 1,000 associate professors and candidates of sciences.

  • education and research institutes and research institutes;
  • faculties;
  • departments, education and research centres, education, research and production centres and education and production centres;
  • research and education laboratories; technological enterprises, shops, farms, workshops;
  • subdivisions, higher educational establishments of I-III accreditation level, training and experimental farms and research stations, including:
  • Southern Affiliate of NULES of Ukraine “Crimean Agrotechnological University”;
  • Berezhany Agrotechnical Institute (Ternopil region);
  • Nizhyn Agrotechnical Institute (Chernigiv region);
  • College of Berezhany Agrotechnical Institute (Ternopil region);
  • College of Nizhyn Agrotechnical Institute (Chernigiv region);
  • Ye. Khraplyvyy Zalishchyky Agricultural College (Ternopil region);
  • Irpin Economic College (Kyiv region);
  • Nemishaevo Agrotechical College (Kyiv region);
  • Boyarka College of Ecology and Natural Resources (Kyiv region);
  • O. Maynova Bobrovytsya College of Economics and Management (Chernigiv region);
  • Mukachevo Agricultural College (Zakarpattya region);
  • Prybrezhnensky Agricultural College (AR Crimea);
  • Crimean Agroindustrial College (AR Crimea);
  • Bakhchisaray College of Construction, Architecture and Design (AR Crimea);
  • Crimean Technical School of Hydromelioration and Mechanization of Agriculture (AR Crimea);
  • O. Muzychenko Velykosnytinske Education and Research Farm (Kyiv region);
  • Agronomic Research Station (Kyiv region);
  • Boyarka Forestry Research Station (Kyiv region);
  • Education and Research Farm “Vorzel” (Kyiv region);
  • Ukrainian Research Institute of Agricultural Radiology (Kyiv region);
  • Ukrainian Laboratory of Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products (Kyiv region);
  • Ukrainian Education, Research and Innovation Centre of Innovative Agricultural Machinery and Technologies (Kyiv region);
  • Education and Research Station of Mountain Forestry and Gardening (AR Crimea);
  • State Enterprise “Frunze Education and Research Breeding Plant of NULES of Ukraine”;
  • Research and project Institute of Standardization and Technologies of Ecosafe and Organic Products (Odesa);
  • Akademichnyy Sport and Recreation Camp (Odesa region);
  • education, information and counselling centres and other units.

1) educational and cultural-educational activities:

  • training of specialists with incomplete higher education, basic higher education, complete higher education, as well as blue-collar workers for agriculture and environmental sector;
  • ensuring further improvement of the system of higher agricultural and environmental education and science in Ukraine according to the requirements of Bologna process and international standards of sustainable development of agrosphere, bioresources and rural areas;
  • continuing training and retraining of specialists for agriculture, forestry, fisheries, veterinary medicine and environmental industry;
  • education, retraining and certification of scientific and pedagogical personnel of higher qualification for the University and other educational and research institutions;
  • inculcating in students high culture and national civic consciousness;
  • creating appropriate conditions for learning, work, health, leisure and recreation of students, graduate students, doctoral students and employees of the University;
  • preparation, publication and implementation of educational, scientific, methodological and other materials;
  • vocational training, including training, retraining and advanced training of drivers of motor vehicles, tractors and combines, masters of production processes for agricultural and environmental sectors;

2) scientific, research and publishing activities:

  • organizing and conducting research developments taking into account experience of leading foreign universities of research type;
  • organizing and conducting conferences, symposiums, congresses, including international ones;
  • development of scientific guidance for quality examination of seed and planting material, agricultural raw materials and food, examination and standardization in accordance with international standards, training of specialists in expertise and standardization;
  • publication of scientific papers of scientific and teaching staff of the University, materials of conferences, symposia, meetings, thematic collections, research reports and other publications on the development of agriculture, economy, environment, social development of rural areas;

3) innovation activities:

  • development and implementation of modern technologies and biotechnologies, systems of quality and standards of environmental safety, preserving biodiversity, energy conservation, alternative energy in agriculture, forestry, park gardening and fisheries, as well as in storage, transportation and processing of agricultural, food and biotechnological products in compliance with the principles of protection of intellectual property;
  • development, testing, standardization and implementation of the latest equipment, machinery and agricultural technologies, obtaining biologically valuable and environmentally friendly products, raw materials and food in production sectors of agricultural, forestry, water management and natural complexes;
  • implementation of international standards and compliance with bioethics in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and maintenance of health of animals and plants;
  • determining the quality, safety and compliance with international requirements for standardization, certification and licensing of agro-industrial, food and biological resources;
  • monitoring, forecasting and modelling sustainable development of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems using modern technology of environmental management and restoration of rural areas;
  • providing information and advisory services that meet the needs of agricultural producers and the public in implementing modern mechanisms of control systems in the field of socio-economic, land, legal development and public policy in the agricultural and environmental sectors;

4) the activities of the University as a research institution include:

  • ensuring integration of educational, research, scientific and innovation activities as a way to improve the level of training and accelerate the introduction of scientific and technological progress in agricultural and environmental sectors through participation in the development of state fundamental and applied programs and cooperation with enterprises;
  • establishment of university research and innovation centres (research institutes, education and research centres, education, research and production centres and education and production centres, etc.) that aim at solving fundamental problems and applied scientific and industrial issues. Expanding cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences, Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other industrial academies of sciences of Ukraine, as well as with foreign academic institutions;
  • development of pilot projects and establishment of experimental enterprises on producing competitive products, developing new technologies, materials and machinery, introducing them in the fields of agriculture, forestry, water management and processing industry in accordance with national and international standards;
  • integration of the research activities of the University with the leading world universities (implementation of joint research projects, conducting conferences, symposia, exhibitions, student competitions, obtaining patents, publication of joint scientific and educational papers (books, monographs, manuals, guidelines, etc.), creation of educational, scientific and methodological electronic database, use of modern information and communication systems in agricultural and environmental sectors);
  • development and implementation of new technologies for high-quality, safe and competitive agricultural, forestry, fishery and food products. Ensuring state and arbitral independent examination of quality and safety of agricultural and food products and the environment in accordance with international and national standards;
  • training master students in accordance with the latest programs that ensure specialization in the most relevant industrial, research, educational and scientific innovation fields and are based on modern achievements of science and technology and international standards for environmental management, as well as indicators of quality and safety of products and the environment, which will provide them with jobs and improve skills development.

     According to the Decree of the President of Ukraine on 14th of December 2000 No. 1338 “Issue of National Agrarian University”, the University is self-governing (autonomous) state higher educational establishment.

1) the right of the University to make independent decisions and take certain actions within its competence in academic, educational, scientific, research, industrial and economic activities;

2) financing from the funds provided by a separate paragraph in the State Budget of Ukraine in accordance with individual standards determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

3) that individual standards of funding and salary paying do not apply to the manufacturing sector of the structural units that make up the University as legal entities, as well as the higher educational establishments of I - III accreditation levels (schools, colleges, institutes);

4) independent determining of organisation forms and salary amounts of employees, procedure for using funds from extrabudgetary sources, including the share for the salary and incentive compensation;

5) independent use of the property transferred to the University for operational management, including conducting economic activities, letting the property on lease without foreclosure;

6) permanent and free use of land apportioned to the University with the right to let it on temporary use, including lease;

7) conducting other activities on the basis of direct contractual relations, agreements and contracts;

8) the right to be a founder of entities of any form of property (using the funds of the special fund of state budget);

9) the right to establish and terminate operation of structural units that the University consists of, including separated subdivisions, and receive property of other entities;

10) the right to conduct joint activities and cooperate on the basis of agreements with other universities, companies, institutions and organizations in accordance with legislation.

National Agricultural UniversityDean of Faculty (в.о.):
Mykola I. Tsvilikhovskiy
Academician of the Ukrainian academy of agrarian sciences, doctor in biology, professor

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of NULES of Ukraine provides training in "Veterinary Medicine" for agriculture of Ukraine. Currently, training is provided for educational degrees "Bachelor" and "Master". The faculty trained over 1300 students. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is a scientific center for veterinary education for schools of this profile in Ukraine. On its basis meetings of the scientific-methodical commission of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine on specialty "Veterinary Medicine", scientific and practical conferences, symposia, meetings of national and international character.

The main purpose of. Training of highly competitive veterinarians with international standards; professional management and herd health quality and safety of animal products during its production, transportation, processing, storage and marketing; development and introduction of innovative methods of diagnosis and prevention of diseases and treatment of animals.

National Agricultural UniversityDean:
Shinkaruk V.D.
Faculty of Education was established in 1963 to prepare teachers for specialized secondary agricultural education in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.In 2014 y. Faculty was renamed in Faculty of Humanities and Pedagog.
Faculty of NUBiP Ukraine is the teacher education center and is focusing on:
• preparation of teachers for professional activity in education and social services;
• research towards the development of new effective approaches to education, social and educational work in the countryside, Philology;
• retraining and advanced training of teaching staff of universitiesof the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine.
Training at the Facultyis provided in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine and its current state regulations.Organization of training is directed towards European integration, which involves the use of advanced home and foreign experience, modern teaching technologies and modern material and technical means.
The educational process is based upon the optimal interaction of educational and scientific center for pedagogical techniques and the educationquality evaluation with graduating departments, educational, scientific and industrial laboratories, the social and psychological servicescenter, special education classrooms and practical training bases.

Educational and Research Institute of Livestock Science and Water Bioresources consists of 2 faculties: Faculty of Animal Products Manufacturing and Processing Technology and Faculty of Fisheries, and

6 educational and scientific centers (ESC) for :
1. animal genetics and selection,
2. dairy and beef cattle breeding,
3. pig and sheep breeding,
4. poultry breeding technologies, standardization and certification,
5. aquatic bioresources,
scientific and research institute of animal and fish products quality and manufacturing technologies; 10 departments, 6 technological and 20 educational laboratories.
A primary objective of institute is training of specialists in the field of stock-raising (technologists) and fish-farming (ichthyologists and fish-breeders), carrying of scientific activities, introduction of scientific inventions into production, realization of informative and advisory activity, provision of economic activity.
Activity of Education and Research Institute of Livestock Science and Water Bioresources is related to training of highly-qualified personals of "Bachelor" and “Master" qualification level for stock-raising, fish-farming and processing industry, as well as candidates and doctors of sciences, carrying of scientific research in priority directions of animal and fish products manufacturing and processing, introduction of scientific inventions and best practices into production, maintaining international activities, education of students and employees, provision of administrative and economic activities.
Preparation of highly-qualified specialists of "Bachelor" and “Master" is conducted in the following specialties "Animal products manufacturing and processing technology " and "Water bioresources and aquaculture", as well as education in other courses, including veterinary medicine, economic, agronomical, engineering and forest specialization, which are also taught at the University.
Educational and Research Institute of Plant Science, Environment and Biotechnologies is a leading NULES Institution of training specialists in following areas: "Agronomy", "Biotechnology", "Ecology, environmental protection and balanced nature" and "Plant protection" based on modern standards of education, adapted to modern educational and scientific world analogs. It provides training bachelors, masters, and post-graduate students qualified in eight specialties and forty one specialization.
The Institute is active in developing and implementing new technologies and innovations in the areas of agronomy, selection and genetics, fruit and vegetable growing, biotechnology, conservation and nature protection, plants protection. It coordinates researches on current issues of agricultural production and integration of science into production activity in NULES of Ukraine.
The Institute collaborates in educational, scientific and methodological work with leading universities abroad - University of Wageningen (Netherlands), Tokyo University of Agriculture (Japan), Humboldt University (Germany), Warsaw and Lublin University of Life Sciences (Poland), University of Ghent (Belgium), University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (Austria), Louisiana and Iowa University (USA) and many others.
For more than five years, such majors as "Biotechnology", "Ecology, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use of Nature" and "Plant protection" have had the groups, where students are taught in English. Every year students of the Institute have their practical training in separate research stations of NULES of Ukraine and in the best economies of Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and other countries.
he main activities aims of ERI :
  1. training specialists for such levels degree Bachelor and Master, Candidates and Doctors of sciences in the respective professions and specializations;
  2. developing andconducting topical scientific research on priority areas of biology and agricultural science;
  3. introduction of modern agricultural technologies and biotechnologies, and also other achievements of scientific and technical progress in agricultural production of Ukraine;
  4. provide a quality educational process, through training, retraining and certification of scientific and pedagogical staff;
  5. organization and efficient use intellectual logistical capacity of relevant departments and research laboratories;
  6. development of logistics for training, research, consultancy and information services for agricultural production.

The faculty trains students of both levels - bachelor and master - the full-time and part-time education.

Professional training is provided by following departments:

  • Management of Land Resources,
  • Land Cadastre,
  • Land Planning,
  • Geodesy and Cartography,
  • Geographic Information Systems and Technologies.

Implementation of policy on the formation of land relations, land management, land planning and development projects and the state of land cadastre, planning environmental protection, monitoring and governmental control of rational land use and protection of land are the purpose of study.

Students have the opportunity to study on following master programs:

  • land management and cadastre
  • land conservation
  • evaluation of land and real estate
  • geodesic-cartographic technologies in land management
  • GIS in land management


  • evaluation and forecast of land quality
  • cartography modeling and mapping of land use
  • geoinformation monitoring of land resources

Students have practice in subdivisions of the State Committee for Land Resources of Ukraine, the Central and regional research and project institutes of Land Management, State Land Cadastre Centre, Institute of Agricultural surveys, etc.

National Agricultural UniversityDean:
Yara Olena S.
Candidate of Science in Law, Associate professor
Address: National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, the Institute of Land Resources and Law, Faculty of Law, St.. Vasylkivska 17 03040, Kyiv

Economic faculty of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine is a leading center of agricultural economic education and science in Ukraine with more than 60-year history.

So, as the economic training agricultural specialists, was founded in 1898 with the establishment in Kyiv Polytechnic Institute of Agricultural Department, which dates back to the university. In the agricultural department taught 20 academic courses, including political economy and agricultural economy and statistics, which formed the economic training of future specialists. Special Department of Economics at the agricultural department did not exist, and the teaching of economic disciplines coordinated Professor A. K. Lyudohowsky - one of the founders of the science of the system of agriculture in the country.

By order of the Minister of higher education of the USSR №768 from 05.15.1951 in the Kyiv agricultural Institute was organized by the faculty of Economics and organization of agriculture.

The first dean until 1960 was Professor D.A. Grigorovich. The faculty had only economic Department. Logging in 1954, a member of the Ukrainian Academy of agriculture, faculty of Economics and organization of agriculture began to prepare specialists in accounting at the accounting department (1959), in 1994 was opened Finance and credit Department, and in 1995 to based Economic Department created Faculty of Agricultural Management, scientific and teaching staff, which is staffed primarily by students of the National Agrarian University.

At various times, the duties of the Dean of the faculty were carried out by Professor G. C. Larin (1960-1965), Professor I.P. Novakov (1965-1969), Professor K.I. Olefir (1969-1976), G.G. Kireytsev (1976-1983), G.S. Tarasenko (1984-1997) V.K. Tereschenko (1997-2001), S.M.  Kvasha (2001-2008) SH.I. Ibatulin (2008-2010), T.G. Kaminska (2010-2014).

During the existence of the faculty associate dean for a long time were professors P.V. Korchovy, L.I. Kasyanov, O.D. Hudzynsky and associate I.I. Kononenko, M.G. Parasiy, L.M. Zvonareva, A.D. Gonchar, A.M. Klimenko, M.M. Ilchuk, P.A. Layko, I.A. Konoval, L.V. Kovalenko, A.G. Borsch, S.O. Oliynyk, L.A. Avramchuk, O.E. Popov, M.G. Sadco, O.O. Oliynyk.

Currently, the duty of the dean of the faculty performs doctor of economic sciences, Professor A. D. Dibrova.

Deputy Dean for full-time education: candidate of economic sciences, associate Professor

O.M. Labenko - direction (specialty) "Business Economics", "Finance and credit", "Taxation";  candidate of economic sciences, associate Professor A.M.Shish - direction (specialty)  "Accounting and audit", "Exchange activity"; of part-time, distance and external forms of education: candidate of economic sciences, associate Professor M.S. Marshalok.

Currently, the composition of the economic faculty includes 10 departments, which provides training qualification levels "Bachelor" and "Master" in the following directions (specialties) preparation:

Directions of training

experts level "Bachelor"

Specialty training experts level "Master"
- Business Economics-  business economics
- Finance and Credit-  finance and credit
- Accounting and Auditing-  accounting and auditing
-  taxation
-  exchange activity
Education and Research (production) laboratories
exchange activity
information technology in accounting
bio econometrics and  data mining
computer laboratory of mathematics in economics
economics, accounting and finance (VP NDH "Velykosnitynske O.M. Muzychenko of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine)


The educational process at the faculty of Economics is aimed at effective individual training highly qualified specialists capable to solve modern production and scientific problems in economics, accounting, finance, exchange activity. Master training carried out educational and professional and educational and scientific programs. The curriculum is adapted to the higher education system of the USA, EU and Japan. For students of English-speaking groups is appropriate courses in a foreign language. This gives students an opportunity to continue training courses in foreign universities and receive diplomas of higher education of international standard.

Currently, the educational process at the faculty provide 23 professors, 81 associate Professor, 3 academicians and 2 corresponding member of NAAS of Ukraine, 1 academician of the Academy of Sciences of Higher education of Ukraine, 2 excellence in education, 2 honored workers of agriculture, 1 honored economist of Ukraine. As part of the teaching faculty: academician of NAAS of Ukraine

S.M. Kvasha, V.K. Tereschenko,  Shpychak O.M.; corresponding member of NAAS of Ukraine Ilchuk M.M., Zhuk V.M.;  professors A.D. Dibrova,  O.Y. Ermakov, V.K. Zbarsky,  I. M. Zelisko, E.V.Kaluga, V.I. Matsybora,  I.V. Okhrimenko, V.K. Savchuk, M.O. Solodky, L.K. Suk, L.P. Suk., Hudoliy L.M.

In different years at the Faculty of Economics worked such prominent economists as academician NAAS Ukraine V.V. Yurchyshyn corresponding member of  VASHNILI.N. Romanenko, corresponding member of the Academies Ukraine P.A. Layko, P.P. Rusnak, professors D.A. Grigorovych, G.V. Larin, J.S. Zawadskiy, G.S. Tarasenko, P.V. Korchovy, L.I. Kasyanov, M.S. Spivak, V.P. Mertens, K.I. Olefir, O.P. Azizov, L.Y. Zribnyak, O.V. Shkilov, twice Hero of Socialist Labor G.E. Burkatska, V.O. Bilyk.

For the period of functioning of the economic faculty has prepared more than 30 doctors and 350 candidates of economic sciences. Among the former graduates of the faculty - are prominent political figures, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (of the previous convocation), employees of ministries and government agencies, heads of famous enterprises of agricultural sector - the most famous of them: I.P. Bidzura, V.P. Halushko, Zhuk V.M., I.O. Zaets, S.M. Kvasha, G.G. Kireytsev, Lissitsa Alex, I.S. Plusch, P.T. Sabluk, V.S. Sahnevych, M.O. Pavlovsky, M.M. Shvedenko, V.K. Tereshenko, I.S. Kalnyckyj, I.I. Pylypenko, M.M. Ilchuk, T.V. Gagaluk. The faculty is proud of its many graduates, who successfully implement knowledge obtained in the walls alma mater, the activity of which in any sphere of national economy serves to benefit the state and can be a model for students of the faculty.

Faculty of Food Technology and Quality Control of Agricultural Products is one of the youngest in NUBiP Ukraine.

     Nutrition - is an integral part of our life, is necessary as the air, that brings a sea of pleasure, makes us able to work, healthy and happy. Worldwide, this part of life has always been paid the closest attention, and experts in the field of nutrition and food production have always had and will have high social status. Nutrition - one of the most popular topics about which much is said on the radio, TV, writing in magazines.

      Recently, by the intensity of this area development, Kiev region became a part of group leaders among Ukrainian regions. The development of food industry and catering has become one of the priorities of our region economy. It is clear that their solution is impossible without highly qualified personnel. Therefore, the Academic Council of NUBiP of Ukraine have decided to open a faculty of "Food Technology and Quality Control of Agricultural Products."

The Ukrainian Education and Research Institute of Dataware and Telecommunicational Support of Agro-Industrial and Nature Protection Branches of Economy was founded in 2008 after decision of Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine. It was start in 2010 when the Faculty of Computer Science and Economic Cybernetics was created.
The most important task of the Institute is preparing specialists in computing and information-analytic activity for agro-industrial and ecology sphere in Ukraine.
Dean (в.о.):National Agricultural University
Gregory I. Demydas
Doctor in Agricultural Sciences, Professor

Tuition fee for foreign students for 2015-2016 studying year:

Education subdivisionLanguages of training
Bachelor program

(price per year)

14960 - 22400 UAH17405 - 24845 UAH25600 - 28000 UAH
Master program

(total price)

26400-42000 UAH28845-44445 UAH32000-60000


Postgraduate program28000 - 38000 UAH per year
Advanced education3000 UAH per one month of training

*Several subjects of specialties "Agriculture","Veterinary Medicine", "Ecology and environmental protection","Landing scaping" "Ecology and Environmental protection", "Plant Protection", "Ecology, environmental protection and balanced environmental , "Agronomy", "Plant protection", "Administrative management", "Management of Foreign-economic Activity", "Accounting", "Finance" are taught in English.

Training at National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine is fulfilled on a basis of:

  • International agreements of Ukraine;
  • Nationwide programs;
  • Contracts signed with legal and individual persons.

Preparation of foreigners and stateless persons in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons" (with amendments), Decrees of the President of Ukraine from 25.03.94 № 112 "On measures to develop economic cooperation with neighboring areas of Ukraine border regions of the Russian Federation" and from 03.06.94 № 271 "On measures to develop economic cooperation with neighboring areas of Ukraine regions of the Republic of Belarus and the administrative-territorial units of the Republic of Moldova", the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from26.02.93 № 136 "On the training of foreign citizens in Ukraine" (with amendments) and from 05.08.98 № 1238 "On approval of the admission of foreigners and stateless persons to study in higher education."

Foreigners who get state scholarships according to international agreements, national programs and other international obligations of Ukraine, shall be admitted on the basis of Ministry of Education and Science within the scope of the government order.

Foreigners Ukrainian descent, who received training from the direction of Ukrainian national and cultural societies, entry into higher education in Ukraine in the areas of industry knowledge "teacher education", "art", "humanities", "journalism and information", "social and political science", have the same rights to education as the Ukrainian citizens, including when entering the training of public order (order of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine from 18.09.2009, № 8773). They take part in the competition for admission on the same basis as Ukrainian citizens.

When entering other areas of training (specialty) foreigners of Ukrainian origin, who received training from the direction of Ukrainian national and cultural societies, have the same rights to education as citizens of Ukraine, if they participated in international competition with general subjects, entrance exam of which is defined as a profile for the University of entering of the chosen direction of training (specialty).

Foreigners and stateless persons permanently residing in Ukraine and have been grantedrefugee status in Ukraine shall be accepted to universities in the manner provided for the citizens of Ukraine.

Foreigners, who have received secondary education in foreign schools with Ukrainian languageare accepted to the University for admission test under these rules of admission, within the establishedquotas on the recommendations of national cultural societies and Ukrainian diplomatic missions of Ukraine abroad.

Foreign citizens and stateless persons who do not fall under the above Rules shall be credited to study in higher educational institutions of the interview and on the basis of contract (Regulation ofAugust 5, 1998 № 1238 p.20).

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the higher educational institution an international student should have secondary education certificate and satisfactory health state for habitation in climatic conditions of Ukraine and training in chosen specialty.

Foreign citizens who graduated from the higher educational institutions of foreign countries are entitled to continue the education in Ukraine on the basis of the documents that certify their education level.

To be admitted to postgraduate education program an international student should have higher education diploma and capability of conducting research.

Those who apply to postgraduate programs have to submit the list of publications, including the name of publisher, certified by the head of the institution, institution or organization in the workplace.

Students who have no publications have to submit scientific reports in their chosen specialty.

On admission to the doctoral program also:

-                     a detailed plan of the thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science;

-                     copy of the award of the degree of Candidate of Sciences (Ph.D. diploma).

  1. statement addressed to the Rector of the University;
  2. application form (Annex #1);

3. motivation letter.

  1. documents about education and appendix with marks;
  2. document given by a competent state body, that indicates the right of the candidate to continue studying at the educational establishments of that country where he/she has got a secondary education;
  3. document that indicates getting of higher education with “Bachelor”, “Master” degree for candidates who would like to get “Master” degree or start post-graduate studying;
  4. medical health certificate, certified by official body of health protection of the foreigner’s country and is issued at least for two months before leaving for Ukraine;
  5. document certifying absence of HIV, in cases when other is not foreseen by international agreements of Ukraine;
  6. insurance policy of getting urgent medical aids (except foreigners who have come from the countries which concluded with Ukraine agreement about free first aid);
  7. Passport;

11. 10 photos (3.5 x 4.5);

  1. return open ticket which is valid during 1 year.

The documents in sub-item 4-8 should be certified in accordance with the legislation of the issuing country, translated into Ukrainian and notarized.

The documents should be sent to post address of NULES of Ukraine. The application deadline isJune 30.

Admission to training tend to September 1, but no later than September 30,

Once notified on admission to NULES of Ukraine a student is expected to personally submit his/her passport with entry visa, type “Д”. Which is received at Ukrainian Embassy (not valid to countries with visa-free regime with Ukraine). Submitted applicant to obtain entry-visa at Ukrainian Embassy or at General Ukrainian Consulate provides documents:

-                     that are mentioned above;

-                     original invitation to education, issued by the University.

While crossing the Ukraine’s border, CIS citizens (if no visa required) should state “education” in “the purpose of visit” line of a migration card. This card must be registered with border passport control.

Attention! The same documents candidate provides at the line of Ukrainian border crossing and on arrival at the University. Citizens of visa-free entry regime with Ukraine in completing the migration card at the port of entry in the "Purpose of entry to Ukraine" must provide "training". This card must be registered with the State Border Service. The card with the passport is provided to the University for registration after enrollment.

Candidate for education has to inform about his/her arrival to university no later than in 3 days period and provides university with the date of his/her entry to Ukraine and the flight (or train) number.

Admission Application Form

  1. Surname, Name
  2. Country
  3. Nationality
  4. Citizenship
  5. Date and place of birth
  6. Marital status, family members
  7. Home address
  8. Education (indicate the name of institution)
  9. Languages
  10. Name of chosen specialty
  11. Telephone, e-mail


Date of filling form.

  • Bachelor training — 4 years;
  • Master training — 1 - 2 years after bachelor program;
  • Candidate of science — 3 years (in the presence of master diploma).

The course starts on September 1.

Foreign students have access to library collections of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine , in particular, the Scientific Library NUBiP Ukraine (National Depository Library FAO
The University has developed sports facilities, everyone has the opportunity to keep fit and become a member of various sports competition. More about the sport life of the University:
Every year NUBiP Ukraine organizes international festival of art "Holosiivska Vesna". Also, foreign students can submit the traditions and culture of his land in such events as "Student evenings."

The university town is situated in the picturesque place of the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. Students live in the students' hostels in single or double rooms. The price of double-room is 300 UAH per month; single- room 600 UAH per month (according to conveniences).
Cost of accommodation in NUBiP hostel and NUBiP guest-house (hostel # 12, 9) should be paid extra.


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