The Day began as planned and by 7;45am in the morning the organizers were at the venue 680 hotel dropping and arranging of refreshments and the electrical equipment the banners were already in place at the podium and the entrance to the hall(mukutano).And the projector,was set up and short videos about Ukraine and the Universities were on for viewing.

By 8:30am the first students begun to arrive and registered at the door before being led to their seats and given Study in Ukraine bottled water,a detailed booklet and made to feel comfortable as we waited for a sizeable group to begin.

9:45am the morning lecture begun with Godwin Kiwinda an organizer of the event and also a former student of Ukraine giving a brief history and speaking about Ukraine from the population,weather,transport system,currensy,culture and lifestyle what a student needs to prepare his/herself for when going to Ukraine.He spoke on accomodation structure,i.e hostels or apartments and what to expect.Also the dos and donts as a student and a foreigner.

At 10;15am The First Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine Kosyiantyn Ivaschenko gave a timely speech about Ukraine today compared to Kenya his view since he has had the previledge of living in Kenya highlighting how cheap Ukraine is compared to Kenya.He spoke on the cultural differences
and how Ukrainians are embracing the english language and how different foreign students are now welcome to study and live in Ukraine.The quality of life and the embassy requirements for students.

At 11;30am we broke of for a refreshments session and also a personal Q & A session.Students were served water, sodas,sausages,queen cakes and mandazis as they consulted with the embassy first secretary even getting a photo session with him.

By 12 noon The seminar organizer and former student of Ukraine Lawrence Camara stepped to the podium giving the step by step admission procedure,from invitation documentation,visa requirements to Airport arrival until one gets settled in the University.He also broke down the costs and expenses one incurs and made it clear that the fees are paid on arrival in Ukraine and the invitation costs and the fees structure too.He also stated each University and their fees.He advised parents on the ways to send pocket money and how much may be ok for each student.

At 12:20pm the first Alumna of the Ternopil economics university Kelvin Mukole begun a detailed description of his life as a student in Ukraine accompanying his explainations with well prepared slides. With the help of the projector he was able to give the students visuals on how he really lived there, from the classroom structure to the sports angle since he played rugby in a Ukrainian club.He welcomed questions from the students which started up discussions about the comparisons of American Universities,kenyan universities and Ukrainian Universities, he properly stated what he knew having studied in Ukraine and how it has been an advantage to him until today.

12:45pm the second Alumni of kharkiv Technical university Michael Nzube now an I.T specialist in Nairobi begun by stressing why he chose Ukraine and stated how it is a cheaper way to study in the long run compared to kenyan Universities,how learning the russian language became an added advantage not only in Ukraine but years later in Kenya whereby he has been working for various Russian companies. He engaged the students in a question and answer session highlighting how learning the culture and visiting a different country impacts your life positively.

At 1;15pm the third Alumni of Kharkiv national radio electronics university in Ukraine Kevin mosoti now an I.T specialist gave an detailed yet entertaining view of his time in UKraine.The importance of class attendance the quality of education he recieved there and how it has helped him now being that he has been climbing the employment ladder because of this.He also touched on summer activities he had and how he made extra money through singing and touring the different cities of Ukraine.

At 1;45pm the fourth Alumna of Kharkiv aviation Institute Emmanuel Kinara an aeronautical engineer at wilson airport nairobi spoke in depth about his course in Ukraine how he studying and how it has been advantageous for him.He welcomed questions as his vast knowledge of his field was easily seen.He continued to engage the students who seemed captivated by his precise delivery.He also mentioned how he had not studied the russian language in his first year but his day to day socialiZing with people helped him learn the language.He also pointed out that due to his quality education in Ukraine he has always been employed.

At 2;15pm the fifth Alumna of Kharkiv medical University Doctor Julie spoke about her learning experience and journey as a Lady in a foreign country to becoming the doctor she is.The importance of class attendance and the quality of teaching she experienced in Ukraine.The valuable practicals she got as a medical student in different hospitals in Ukraine.And the impact this had on her as a Doctor now.She also engaged the students in a Question and answer session.

At 2;30pm we got to share with one of our sponsors for the event Ariell sandors from Duma works a company dedicated to bridging the gap between employer and employee who gave a very hearty explaination about her company and how they are different from others in kenya.Even gong a step further by personally speaking to some interested students.

At 3;00pm he broke off for some refreshments as students consulted with the Alumni of the various fields they were interested in this also helped the students engage in a one one one,personal discussion in case some were shy or did not feel free to do that publicaly.

At 4pm we begun to wind up by packing the electrical equipment and thanking the organizers the sponsors Duma worklimited and African Abilities for all their efforts to make this event a success and contribute in providing Kenyan students opportunities for quality and affordable education in Ukraine.


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